Locally owned and Operated

Jamie Ayles grew up in the town of Canmore, AB and began working in the local restaurant industry at the young age of 12. From there he worked his way up the kitchen ranks throughout the local restaurant scene and by the age of 18 Jamie had experienced the town evolve from a handful of authentic Swiss restaurants, to having one of the most diverse food scenes in Canada. 


At this time Jamie left on a jet plane to experience and travel the world. His international experience includes a food apprenticeship in Thailand and cooking in Sydney Australia for most of a year, then accepted a Sous Chef Position in Victoria B.C where he had the opportunity to work under a team member of the Canadian Culinary Olympic team.


From Victoria Jamie went on to become the executive Chef at 5 Diamond Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie, B.C.. During the next 6 years in this position Jamie was able to compete in multiple culinary competitions as well as teaming with local wine vineyards to design monthly food and wine tastings.


In search of more knowledge and experience in and out of the kitchen, Jamie took an opportunity as a Food and Beverage manager at The Saskatchewan River Crossing. With a new challenge in managing the complete operations of a high volume multiple venue resort, this is when Jamie met company co-founder Marie-Lyne Richard.


Marie had proven herself as a Food and Beverage Supervisor for several years and was then moved up to take on the challenges of the General Store's Retail Manager. Together Jamie and Marie spent 4 seasons working directly with ownership to achieve an overall increase in sales and quality in a very remote and independent setting.


Over the years Jamie had developed all kinds of recipes and menus for different establishments and the idea of food manufacturing had been talked about between Jamie and Marie on multiple occasions. 


In 2012 Jamie and Marie decided to take the next step and commit to the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. While against all logic and reasoning, they left behind the safety and security of their management positions in order to move back to Canmore permanently and step into the unknown.


One big step for Sauce

 As you may remember, Bow Valley BBQ began with a Sasquatch, Mountains, Maple Leaf, Mason Jars and a variety of 10 amazing sauces and condiments:


- Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

- Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce

- Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce

Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

- Maple Whisky Glaze

- The Pickle Trunk

- The Missing Link Spice Blend

- Chocolate Love Blackening Rub

- Market Berry Marmalade

- Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette


These were being produced in a commercial kitchen in Olds while Jamie and Marie sold at local Markets around Alberta. This was an exciting and fun time for the new entrepreneurs, but without evolving further, product could not be sold in stores or restaurants. Needless to say It was time to step up their game.


One giant leap for Condiments

In 2013, Bow Valley BBQ was accepted into the Self Employment government program for new entrepreneurs through Community Futures Centre West. In utilizing the network and resources made available through the program, Jamie and Marie received a Growing forward government grant to scale up and develop five products. 


They then moved their production from the modest commercial kitchen setting and began producing 400 kg formulations at the Alberta Food Processing and Development Centre in Leduc, AB.  Bow Valley BBQ is now producing federally inspected HACCP certified products for both retail and food service, thus introducing our 5 signature products:


- Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

- Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce

- Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce

- Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

- The Missing Link Spice Blend


In April 2014, Bow Valley BBQ was approved to develop 3 new products at the Alberta Food processing and Development Facility with a Growing Forward 3 government grant. Coming soon to a Shop and Restaurant near you:


- Orange Brandy Killa Cranberry Sauce

- Chocolate Love Blackening Rub

- Maple Whisky Glaze


Currently Bow Valley BBQ Inc. products can be found in over 20 Restaurants and Retailers throughout Alberta and B.C. with more to come. They have since grown their monthly production demands to 2400kg batches and a storage facility in Canmore is housing their inventories.


A new Generation of Dressings

We are excited to announce that in March 2015 Bow Valley BBQ Inc. purchased and took over a very successful local Dressing business Boccalino Grotto Fine Foods, now referred to as Boccalino Fine Foods. There is more excitement as the new line of Dressings in now ready for immediate consumption!

Boccalino Dressings can be found in the produce section of grocery stores across western Canada, see for yourself!




The Story of the Sauce




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