Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce - 345 mL $6
Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce - 345 mL $7
Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce - 345 mL $6
The Missing Link Spice Blend - 100 g $5
Sweet Chili Corn Salsa - 250 mL $5

Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce


A unique base of cider vinegar and fresh mango makes for a bold flavor profile that brings together chipotle and roasted bell peppers with candied tomatoes, and hickory smoke for a desired balance of sweet and heat. Enthusiastically created for the love of all pork products and anything grilled in mind.


Sweet Chili Corn Salsa


Inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia and South America, both in which share a common palate of fresh, crisp and spicy. A blend of chili peppers, citrus juices, sweet corn and fresh cilantro that offers a world of diversity. Our Sweet Chili Corn Salsa is a great companion for any fresh seafood or grilled chicken, and truly a salsa for all salsas.


Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce


A zesty contrast of fresh blueberries, orange rind, and molasses, braised in merlot and apple cider vinegar with undertones of hickory-smoked onions, fresh rosemary, garlic and coriander. An ideal enhancement for any grilled game meats, venison and lamb particularly but of course a great marriage with any cut of grilled beef.


Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce


A blend of fire roasted jalapeno and bell peppers slow braised with apple cider vinegar. This flavorful sauce goes deeper than just heat, with hickory smoke and an array of spices. A full-bodied hot sauce that is sure to enhance chicken wings, and of course anything else you care to spice up. 


The Missing Link Spice Blend


A unique blend of spices, sea salts and Cane sugar combined to make for great flavor as well as creating a caramelized crust that is desired in any form of cooking. From grilling and searing to slow smoked or roasted, this blend delivers. Ideal as a BBQ rub, with a diverse flavor profile that is a welcomed enhancement with just about anything!

*100g jars have been discontinued. Now available in 200g jars for $7!

Treat Your Meat Bag


We include all 5 of our signature products: Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chili Corn Salsa, the Missing Link Spice Blend, Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce and Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce all wrapped up beautifully in a reusable bag. Styles may vary.



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